14 October 2012

Review: Summer of the Gypsy Moths

Summer of the Gypsy Moths
Summer of the Gypsy Moths by Sara Pennypacker

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

There seems to be a trend occurring in children's and young adult literature lately, and it's one I'm more than a little disturbed by - parents/guardians dying, and the kids trying to hide it.

Summer of the Gypsy Moths is the latest in a seemingly weird string of these books being published recently. Stella lives with her great aunt on Cape Cod, and her aunt has a foster child as well, Angel. The aunt dies, so the kids go to great lengths to hide this fact during their summer to keep themselves from having to be put back in foster care or anything worse.

I'm just going to be honest - I don't understand why this is a good trend. If there's this spate of kids hiding the deaths of their loved ones (and doing so successfully), shouldn't this be one of the bigger news items available right now? I'm confused as to why this is becoming such a trope, and I'm doubly confused that it's Sara Pennypacker (who wrote the Clementine books among others) who is on board. Just strange.

Skip this one. Skip it as fast as you can.

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