15 October 2012

Review: Dragonswood

Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I've read a good deal of fantasy books over the years, and a flaw in a lot of the stuff I grew up on is how it all begins to bleed together. It's not to say that you're read one sword and sorcery novel, and thus you've read them all, but rather that there needs to be more there to set things apart.

Everything I've heard about Janet Lee Carey's Dragon's Keep is good to great. Dragonswood is billed as a companion of sorts, which means I've already dove into this series in the wrong order. The good news is that you really wouldn't know there's another book in this universe. The bad news is that you might not remember it anyway.

Tess is seeing visions, and is forced to flee her village. She runs intoa warden who begins protecting her somewhat, and then all the details about fey children and perhaps unspoken changeling stories begin.

The book resolves itself rather nicely, all things considered. It's not poorly written by any means, it's just...there. It was a perfectly viable, good read that I enjoyed while reading it and then more or less forgot about directly afterward. Perhaps knowing Dragon's Keep might have helped, or perhaps I just need to be the age where interchangeable fantasies don't bother me as much. Either way, this didn't quite hit the mark.

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