14 October 2012

Review: Blackbirds

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angry Robot continues to print some of the more interesting fantasy/sci-fi out there, and Blackbirds is right there with some of the better ones I've read of late.

The story follows Miriam, who has the power to see how someone will die if she touches them. She can't really change how it happens, but she knows. Then she touches someone who, in his last words, says her name. So now Miriam needs to try and fix the problem that she has apparently created for this guy.

Miriam is a great, fun character. She's brash and angry, she can fend for herself and then some. The concept is not absolutely new, but it is interesting and is handled in a really good way. Wendig as an author may rely a little more on profanity and brutality than I would have preferred, but it generally works in the book as well.

The sequel just came out, and I'm a little impatient in getting to it, but I will. It will be interesting to see how the world Wendig set up matches well with the way the first story ended, but this is a pretty awesome way to start things out.

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