10 October 2012

Review: Legion

Legion by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors, in part because he does big, epic tomes that don't feel too long and involve great, epic ideas that are often thought provoking and are always unique and different.

Legion is no different in the regard that it has a big, epic concept that, if it were real, would shake the foundations of humanity itself, and it relies on an interesting narrative hook (a person with hallucinations that take the form of distinct, fully formed personalities) to get us exploring it. It has some great philosophical diversions wrapped up in a neat, readable package.

My chief complaint is that it's only a novella. At under 90 pages, the idea comes, is executed, and then moves along extremely quickly. By the time you've settled into the story, it's nearly gone. I accept that authors often have a certain amount to say and nothing more, but given that Sanderson has rarely wasted a word even in his 700+ page novels, a tease like this almost feels unfair. It's hard to knock a book for not being enough when most books suffer from being too much, but my one problem with the book is that I just wanted more.

Definitely check this one out. The ebook version is super-cheap, and it's a good, relaxing, fun evening read with some provocative concepts.

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