18 October 2012

Review: The Emperor's Soul

The Emperor's Soul
The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After being somewhat disappointed in Legion, I was surprised to see my copy of The Emperor's Soul show up at my doorstep early. I think it's due out in a few weeks, but I decided to read it right away, and I'm very glad I did.

It takes place in the Elantris-verse and pops us right into the middle of a story, where a Forger (someone who uses magic to make forgeries and change aspects of people and items via their souls) is captured and enlisted to essentially fix the soul of the Emperor. What is typically a two year process? She has 100 days.

The book is riveting from the get-go, it's in a universe that resembles Elantris but uses another unique magic system - no one is better at creating original magics the way Sanderson is - to get the job done. It's really a great, great story that is short, but doesn't feel short. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost.

A beautiful, wonderful read. Everyone who likes good fantasy should seek this one out.

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