14 October 2012

Review: The Last Princess

The Last Princess
The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In a more just world, this would be getting a lot of press as the next Hunger Games, because it's that good. Brutal totalitarian government in a dystopia, check. Girl who kicks serious butt, check. Definitely worth checking out for those reasons alone.

The details make it even more fun - Eliza is a princess in the British Royal family, and the family is destroyed by this revolutionary force following the world essentially falling apart. Eliza somehow escapes, and her only chance at getting things back to normal is to blend in with the enemy and fight it from the inside.

The book is seriously brutal in a lot of ways - much like The Hunger Games, it doesn't sugarcoat the battles, the blood, the death. The payoff, however, is great. There's clear progression for Eliza, and there's a firm sense of justice throughout, which worked well for me.

I don't honestly want to say too much, because I really feel like people should just grab this book and dive right in. I firmly hope this is a new series that catches a lot of readers, because it's rock-solid. I can't wait for the next one.

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