27 May 2016

Review: Six Impossible Things

Six Impossible Things Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

YA contemporary titles try so hard to stay relevant and fresh that sometimes books like this come out that feel more like they're trying too hard as opposed to being truly essential to the current experience. While this book is a few years old and is Australian, the subject matter of a kid with a gay parent who is also being bullied using similar sexual-orientation-charged language who also has a crush is so well-worn and done so often that a book really needs to clear a pretty high bar, and Six Impossible Things, while readable and entertaining enough, doesn't meet that high standard.

This may be a book that resonates with a very specific teen, but it's more subject-oriented toward boys with a marketing appeal that seems specific to girls, which means those who might get something significant out of the story will miss out entirely.

Overall, just an unfortunate miss. Skip this one unless this sort of genre is your thing or you know a kid who would gain a lot from a story like this.

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