30 May 2016

Review: Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend

Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Probably closer to a 2.5 or so.

When you see a book titled Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend, you pretty much have to scoop it up, right? I got an early copy of this, was very excited, and it left me... I don't know.

The story takes place at a high school where a pterodactyl randomly shows up. And he's hot. And the girls like him, as do a lot of people in town. And he plays football. And when you get romantic with the pterodactyl, you're branded in a way. and the whole thing really turns the town upside down.

The book was inspired by a quote at a writing summit, where an author recommended to the writers to not "go writing your hot pterodactyl boyfriend novel." So, of course, this guy does exactly that and kind of proves exactly why it was a bad idea. I still wonder if there was a good was to put this story together, but there was a lot of ridiculousness beyond the initial conceit added in on this (including an ending where it all completely goes off the rails) that ultimately makes this not even too much fun as a curiosity. I can't even recommend this as sort of campy fun, unfortunately, it just doesn't work.

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