27 May 2016

Review: The Silent History

The Silent History The Silent History by Eli Horowitz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While The Silent History is proof that sometimes the medium matters, put aside on its own merits, it's a solid science fiction tale. I just wish I had followed it as it was released in a more serial form.

The book takes place over many decades, with children being born basically silent and wordless. We see some things from the perspective of parents, teachers, politicians, and scientists as the situation is understood and dealt with.

The concept is great, and it was serialized online as part of an app, I guess, so the narrative does suffer a little bit in the 500 page print form with shorter chapters and a more streamlined experience. I do wonder what it would be like under normal publication or under the app itself, but in terms of a basic story plus everything else, this was a pretty great read.

Definitely recommended.

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