11 July 2015

Review: Those Girls

Closer to a 1.5.

There are plenty of mean girl books. There are plenty of books that have absolutely despicable characters with little to no redeeming values. Those books sometimes know how to handle those topics, and Those Girls utterly fails at creating anything worth noting in this genre. Filled with characters who are rotten and criminal who seem to learn nothing from their actions, it's almost questionable as to what the point of this was at all.

The story follows a handful of girls around their senior year. They sleep around with each other's boyfriends, they frame them for different things. One is in a band, others can't be happy for her. It all culminates in a situation that just ended up being gross and disturbing, and I don't even know what anyone was thinking here.

I thought a few days away from this one might temper my mood about it, but it's clear this is one of the worst things I've read recently. Avoid this one at all costs - the rare times you'll need a book like this, there are a dozen better ones out there that might actually improve your lot in life a bit.

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