07 July 2015

Review: Silver in the Blood

Closer to a 3.5.

If you read Twilight and thought "Man, I wish the story focused more on those European vampires," I might just have the book for you. Granted, this is much better written and works more off of the Stoker-level Dracula/vampire tropes than the more popularized ones of, late, but it's still a good, albeit flawed, read.

The story takes place shortly after the publication of Stoker's Dracula, where some high society girls are brought back to Europe to meet their families in time for their birthday. Meeting the family, of course, results in taking their place among the Dracula family and learning of their true nature as vampire shapeshifters. Yep.

So the idea is a little corny, but the book reads more like a teen literary piece, keeping us firmly in the time period intended. The author seems incredibly fixated in pointing out how naked everyone is when they shapeshift, which was just strange, but the way the story flows and moves is something that did a good job in keeping my interest, so there is that.

I originally read this without knowing what it was about, so I wonder if at least part of the issue with the story is that the hook is given away so freely, but given the great cover and topic matter, it should still find an audience for what it is. Worth a look if you're into historical fiction or different takes on vampire mythologies.

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