11 July 2015

Review: I Am Princess X

Stealth YA mystery!

May and Abby were best friends growing up, and they developed a comic together. When Abby died, so too did the comic.

Until stickers with the comic started popping up all over Seattle.

May quickly recruits an at-home IT "expert" to help track down who has been putting Princess X comics up online and who the anonymous, mystery author is. Because May is convinced Abby is actually alive and well.

It's a fun premise, and at just a hair over 200 pages, a very quick and straightforward read. The mystery elements are there, but it's pretty light on a whole and, if the books have any fault, it's that the stakes don't feel terribly high and everything seems pretty simple. I didn't love the reveals, but that's just more nitpicky than anything else, especially for a genre I don't generally love.

Still, recommended for YA readers. If you're into Cherie Priest's adult work, this is probably going to throw you off a bit, though. Fair warning.

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