04 November 2015

Review: The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

On the surface, The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss is unlike anything I've read, and it should be commended for doing something different with an existing type of story. The MMORPG-obsessed Dahlia is drawn into a mystery of sorts involving a rare in-game item, and it quickly spirals out of control as it stops being a job and starts becoming literally a life-or-death situation. It's a fun concept.

Unfortunately, the execution leaves some to be desired. The gimmick does get old pretty quickly, and it leans extremely heavily on nerdy references and in-game lingo/commands to move the story along, which is all well and good but didn't need to exist beyond initial establishment, and the mystery/resolution is fairly flat, which left me wishing there was a little more meat on the story as opposed to being so reliant on the conceit.

Overall, it's not a bad read. People who love their books chock-full of references and inside jokes will enjoy this, and those who like mysteries might like the new twists, but this didn't 100% work for me.

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