15 November 2015

Review: They All Fall Down

They All Fall Down They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes the best books are the ones that surprise you. They All Fall Down comes across in the first part of the book as yet another catty teen girl story, and then it goes sideways and becomes a super-fun read.

The school in question has a "Hottie List," where the hottest girls in the class are ranked. This is typically a good thing, but then the girls start dying in weird ways one by one. Is it a curse or something more?

This is a book that ties itself in and out of knots so well, and throws a lot of fun curveballs in your direction as you go about it. It has a very Final Destination vibe to it, for sure, but I think the horror of it all is less the eventualities and more of the way the characters interact and the mystery behind it all. Playing up some classic horror tropes doesn't hurt, either, especially with the "is it a curse or not" idea.

Overall, a fun read! Definitely a little different than what I've come to expect from YA, which is nice, and worth a read if you're into this sort of story.

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