26 August 2015

Review: Fish In A Tree

Fish In A Tree Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We're only two books in, but I think Lynda Mullaly Hunt is fast carving a nice niche for herself in middle grade literature that demands a lot more attention. It's difficult to get the tone right on a lot of these books that deal with a significant issue, and, like One for the Murphys before it, Fish in a Tree generally nails it.

This is a dyslexia story, and Ally has been able to fake it for a while, although the result is a lot of lashing out and a lot of trouble. After one significant incident, she is transferred to a new class and a new teacher who starts to break down the walls a bit.

It's a simple premise, and perhaps it loses a few points because we all know this story from other books or mediums, but it's hard to understate exactly how well this one is done. Ally is sympathetic from the start, we have a model teacher, and the right mix of emotional heft and narrative flow to make it work. It's a book that you know will be special to a special someone in your life, and one of those books that most readers who enjoy true-to-life stories will enjoy.

A solid recommendation.

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