24 August 2015

Review: Axis

Axis Axis by Robert Charles Wilson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So Axis is the sequel/companion to Spin, and Spin is basically regarded as a brilliant science fiction tale. Axis, while in the same universe, ends up feeling more like an add on than a solid expansion of the story.

The book basically takes place on Mars, created by the same aliens who put a shell around the Earth. Part mystery and part excuse to come back to the story, we get more mysterious happenings from the alien race along the way.

I read this a few weeks ago before writing this, and it's stunning how little I remember about it. That's how utterly disposable this story is on a whole, and one has to wonder what went wrong overall. While Robert Charles Wilson can be hit or miss, it's just a fascinating read to see where this missed.

Just not a great read at all, but not terrible enough to toss aside. Sort of like a b-side compilation album that you're glad exists even if it isn't great.

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