28 August 2013

Review: The Thrilling Adventure Hour

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
The Thrilling Adventure Hour by Ben Acker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a live, scripted podcast that has a bunch of comedy stars and actors doing a more modern take on old-style radio. Last year, they launched a Kickstarter to do a graphic novel, among other things, and this collection is the end result. It's probably my favorite podcast, so diving right in made a lot of sense for me.

The good? The stories stay true to what we already expect from the minds behind Thrilling Adventure Hour. Some of the stories (like the "Moonshine Holler" short) are lifted straight from the podcast, others seemed new to me. It's fun to see a lot of the characters as they're envisioned, as opposed to knowing the actors who are portraying them on the podcast. The art is fun and incredibly colorful as well. As a fan, I really have no complaints.

The bad is that, while this can act as an entrypoint for new people, I can't imagine this drawing in a new audience. It's almost too good a portrayal in that regard where many of the jokes and catchphrases work because you hear it in your head, not because it necessarily works on its own. I want everyone to read the graphic novel, but they kind of have to listen to the podcast first for this to make a lot of sense.

Either way, I'm happy, and that's enough for me. Very glad this turned out well, and hopefully this won't be the last time we see a print version of the show.

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