01 August 2013

Review: College Girl

College Girl
College Girl by Patricia Weitz

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Hey ladies! Did you know that you can be a strong, independent woman as long as you don't have a man in your life, because the minute those boys come around, your academic life will be in shambles and your self-esteem will go to zero, all because of sex!?

Hey, guys! Did you know that you're probably just going to wreck the lives of all the women you encounter, all because you have one thing on your mind, and that thing probably involves what's between your legs?!

Welcome to the world of College Girl, a pandering, surface-level mess of a narrative about a straight A student who, in her senior year of college, finally gets involved in the world of sex and socialization. The boy is, of course completely wrong for her, the situation of course sends her into a depressive spiral, and no one around her seems to understand because she's so withdrawn and introverted.

The book is compared a lot to Curtis Sittenfeld's Prep, a book I was somewhat underwhelmed by but still found memorable in retrospect. This is like a book that was commissioned to be "like Prep," and comes across as a knockoff from start to finish. Limited characterization, stock characters, no obvious statement to be made by the end...just unfortunate.

Skip this.

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