12 May 2013

Review: Relatively Famous

Relatively Famous
Relatively Famous by Jessica Park

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Considering how much I loved Flat-Out Love, I decided to pick up her earlier one off the Amazon Lending Library, Relatively Famous. A first attempt at branching out to independent publishing, it's readable but flawed.

The story itself is interesting enough. Dani learns her father is a famous actor known more for his off-screen life than his career. She goes to visit him in Hollywood, and gets caught up in the whole lifestyle.

Where the book falls a little short is the writing, which is good but really needed a little more editorial help than it got. With the stories surrounding Flat-Out Love and how the author went after some professional copyediting, the quality of it shows between the two books, and I'm forced to wonder if a better look would have resulted in a less stilted plot progression on a whole.

It's not a dealbreaker in any regard. If you liked Flat-Out Love, this will also do the trick. It's just good to see the progression from this to Flat, and really just makes me want to see what's coming next that much more.

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