20 May 2013

Review: Further: Beyond the Threshold

Further: Beyond the Threshold
Further: Beyond the Threshold by Chris Roberson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book that I've had in my Kindle for a while, and being that I'm becoming more and more of a fan of Chris Roberson by the day, I finally bumped this one into the front.

There are two great things about this book:

1) It is solid, five-star, classic science fiction worldbuilding. In a sense, half the book is worldbuilding, and it's glorious. We spend a ton of time establishing everything around us, it's not hard science but feels like it, and so on. It's great fun.

2) In the same classic sense, this book feels like a throwback. It's modern pulpy in a sense, feeling really populist and light and accessible. It's a good time.

There is one somewhat negative thing about this book:

1) It is very light on plot beyond the worldbuilding. The story is more a vehicle for what's going on around the main character for at least half of the book, and that may be charitable. This isn't too negative given how high quality the plot surrounding the story is, but if you're looking for a grand epic, or even a sizable adventure, this might not be it for you.

All things considered, though, this was a fun read. It's almost like an episodic miniseries in print form, which is not what I expected but definitely enjoyed. Possibly one of my favorite Roberson books so far. Definitely worth it if you're into this kind of escapism.

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