16 March 2013

Review: The Lie

The Lie
The Lie by Chad Kultgen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

At this point, I'm generally hatereading these books after being horrified by The Average American male. I found The Lie to be better on a whole, since it actually has a coherent plot that isn't completely centered on how terrible women apparently are, but still.

Long and short, the book alternates between three people: a person (Brett) who could very well be a college age protagonist from Average, his best friend who is a good guy even though Brett does everything in his power to try and change that, and Heather, a girl that Brett eventually dates. Things just get more and more terrible until there's basically nothing redeeming left about anyone involved, and it's just tragic. There's hatred of college, hatred of women, of prostitutes, of sororities, of business, or...everything except sex, which is something that should be pursued at every opportunity, and only out of a sense of revenge or anger.

And yet the book was still really readable, and actually had moments in it that The Average American Male did not. If the book could cut back on so much of the outrageous offensive stuff, it might actually be something that could be recommended to other people. Instead, it's like an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia crossed with the movie Very Bad Things without showing the self-awareness necessary to ensure the audience understands that this is satire or a joke. It's kind of unfortunate.

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