04 March 2013

Review: The Average American Male

The Average American Male
The Average American Male by Chad Kultgen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was one of the most horrifying things I've ever read.

The plot is paper thin, let's start there. The book is about one guy who is unhappy with his girlfriend, and it's 200 pages of his girlfriend, getting out of that relationship, getting into a new one, with some small asides with his gay friend and life in general.

It sounds all sweet and typical until you actually read the thing, which is just a crazy rant that pushes every available envelope until they're crumpled into the wall, where Kultgen proceeds to set the envelopes on fire and then urinate on them in an attempt to put them out. If you think that's a crude way to describe the book, I know full well that you haven't read it, because that's tame compared to his descriptions of women, sex, love, and whatever else.

This is an angry, angry, hate-filled rant. It has its moments of amusement, but it's so over the top that it really comes back around to nearly offensive, and I don't offend easily at all. I can't exactly tell if this is meant to be a parody, and I hope to all that is good and pure in the world that this is over the top on purpose, but I really have no idea how this gets published or gets positive attention or...I don't know at all. I kind of hate myself that I finished this book, even though I can justify it by noting it was a very fast read. I hate myself even more that I'm interested in the sequel just to see where the heck this is going to go next.


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