06 April 2018

Review: Animal Money

Animal Money Animal Money by Michael Cisco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a weird, weird book. And I loved it.

The conceit is that there is some version of the world where economists are also politicians, but also religious figures? Maybe? And there's a new form of money being proposed that is never completely explained in a coherent fashion, but involves animals, and since it threatens the order of the world in some way, there's of course competing interests and murder and mayhem.

And since this isn't a traditional narrative by any measure, there are giant diversions into histories and short stories and meta references to this very book and its publication and at some point I just stopped thinking about it and enjoyed the ride.

It's pure chaos in a distilled, readable package. I've never read anything like it and likely won't ever again, and I wish I could.

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