28 August 2017

Review: Nxt: the Future is Now

Nxt: the Future is Now Nxt: the Future is Now by Jon Robinson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I know better at this point than to read books like this. Still, as a wrestling fan who really, really likes NXT as a brand and product, I heard enough positive things in other reviews in wrestling circles about some of the insight this book gives into the overall project and process to give it a read.

The bad news? The morsels of interest are completely buried under a mountain of promotion and marketing that is so overbearing that it’s hard not to skim through portions as they’re repeated for the third, fourth, seemingly fifth time. The glowing adoration of everything NXT is doing from the wrestling talent to the complete lack of any indication that there haven’t been issues (like, most notably, the Bill DeMott bullying/hazing issue) makes this book almost indefensible outside of being a marketing piece, never mind a piece of literature that a publisher expects human beings to pay for. This isn’t a tie-in book or anything like that, it’s just a 200 page glossy profile that misses what makes the subject truly great.

Do not waste your time with this. Find a few posts on the internet highlighting the interesting takeaways from this book, and pretend the total package never existed. You’ll be better off.

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