11 May 2017

Review: Available Dark

Available Dark Available Dark by Elizabeth Hand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second Cass Neary tale, this is notable because a) Jeff VanderMeer recommended it on Twitter and I checked it out on that recommendation b) only to realize a quarter of the way through that this wasn’t actually the first book in the series.

So I read the second one first. Oops.

The good news is that reading this second didn’t take away from much. The book does an excellent job of reintroducing Cass, and the Cass in this book feels a lot more real than she does in the first (almost certainly, I would learn later, due to the events in the first). A result here is that the story here is definitely darker and more my speed, and probably better crafted as well.

I still recommend you read the first book first, but the overall necessity isn’t 100%. The only necessary thing is to check out this series, as it’s definitely a solid read for someone who is not really into the genre on a whole.

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