05 September 2016

Review: Fix

Fix Fix by Ferrett Steinmetz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having now gone through all three of the Mancer books, it's interesting not only to see the growth of the stories, but also how well this ties all the tales together. This is a book about more than just saving the world or saving your daughter, but also has a lot to do with sacrifice, and it's handled in such a great, adept way that it's hard not to consider this one of the better reads of late in this genre.

The book jumps forward in time a bit, and we have our protagonists from the previous books resettled and trying to live a little more normally in spite of the Mancer situation worldwide (given the destruction of Europe and all) (yes, really). Of course, magical powers don't always cooperate as they should, and we quickly run into a plot overrun with kidnapping, a Borg-like collective of magic users, and an amazing run up to what's a really great ending.

I can't really give a ton away, because so much is established by the early books and so much is detailed by the existing plots. The book does work to a point if you're coming in blind, but it's enriched by the knowledge of the previous stories. It makes plotlines with doughnuts funnier and more impactful, it makes some of the major plot points toward the end weightier, and it just makes the whole thing a lot more substantive. The book moves at a solid pace from start to finish, and I just loved the flow of it completely.

No complaints except that this will likely be the last tale for the major players in this story. Flex was great, as was its sequel, but this really brings the series into a solid cohesive unit that's worth a slot on anyone's shelf.

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