10 July 2016

Review: Compass South

Compass South Compass South by Hope Larson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hope Larson knows what she's doing, and the result is another solid, albeit flawed, graphic novel. This one a swashbuckling pirate adventure with two kids on different ships, I found it to be a fast page-turning adventure story that is worth reading for anyone who likes graphic novels for the younger set.

The downsides here are that the story itself feels fairly thin, especially in comparison to a lot of her other work, and that the art style here lends itself to a more of an anime feel than a traditional read, and that didn't really work for me on a whole with the tone and story.

I hesitate to call this a miss (and it's probably closer to a 3.5 overall for me), but this is just good, not great graphic novel from someone who we're used to getting closer on the side of great. Still works well for the age group and is worth paying attention to, though.

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