20 March 2016

Review: The Rule of Mirrors

The Rule of Mirrors The Rule of Mirrors by Caragh M. O'Brien
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a classic case of a good story going completely off the rails. In The Vault of Dreamers, we had a conspiratorial-type tale that involved a reality television show and teenagers being manipulated in their sleep. The Rule of Mirrors swings the curtain back, and just throws it all in disarray.

Our heroine from the first book? She's in two different bodies now. One of them is pregnant. Both need to find a way to merge together and fix the situation before it's too late.

I'm more than okay with strange, but this whole thing just got weird for a reason I can't figure out and there will be a third book that I can't even begin to figure out where it will start or end.

Overall, I can't say much about it because it's just a puzzling read with some real puzzling choices being made. Considering how much I enjoyed the first book, I'm just disappointed at the direction here and think it's a significant miss.

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