02 February 2016

Review: Burning Midnight

Burning Midnight Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

loser to a 4.5. There's no dearth of YA dystopias, and plenty of science fiction novels as well for the same group. Burning Midnight was definitely more unique than some of the more recent reads I've had. It's got a nice, edgier Brandon Sanderson vibe to it, which really just sets us up for a fun time.

The story takes place in a nearish future. At some point, a bunch of spheres arrived on Earth. No one knows where they came from, but it was quickly figured out that you can take a pair, "burn" them, and you get different abilities or improvements to yourself. The story follows a teen boy who sells spheres and a girl that he meets who is very good at finding them, and the way their world turns upside-down when they discover a never-before-seen golden sphere.

It's hard to fully discuss this without giving away the ending, and I'll do my best, but the way that the concept behind the spheres is revealed is absolutely wonderfully insane, and turned an already-riveting read into something a lot cooler. The story has so many little elements that it juggles well, and perhaps only falters a bit in the sense that the book doesn't feel all that modern from a setting standpoint, especially in the almost throwback treatment of the sphere market. Still, my complaints about the book are more nitpicky than anything else, as this is a rock-solid read that deserves some attention. Just a lot of fun and unlike a lot of what I've read

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