01 December 2015

Review: Not If I See You First

Not If I See You First Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes a book takes some time to hook you in, other times you can pinpoint the exact moment the book charms the heck out of you. Not If I See You First is a pretty great book, but the benefit of it is the little moments along the way that rope you in, making the whole so much more pleasurable.

The story follows Parker, a girl who was blinded in a car accident years earlier. Both her parents have since passed, she's in school, and things are about as difficult as you'd expect. She does have a good support group of friends and does enjoy running, though, so that's something, but now there's a boy involved and that's when things start getting a little complicated.

There's a scene about a quarter of the way through when she goes shopping for running shoes that changed this to a sort of standard teen romance with a twist into something a little more. The way Lindstrom handles the blindness issue, the way we get to see the personalities around Parker similar to how she experiences them is a nice touch, and there are some pretty great messages in here throughout. Is it perfect? Not at all. I'm sure many people could take some issue with the portrayal, but it got me thinking more about the issue and as a good starting point, I'm in favor.

If you like YA books, like teen romances, this one should really be on your list. There's a lot here to love.

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