03 April 2015

Review: Reboot

Reboot by Amy Tintera

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So this read was take two on this book for me. The first time around, it was a tough attempt for me, as the book sounds like a cool teen robot dystopia, but it just felt really draggy with a plot that left me wanting a lot more. Simply not what I was hoping for after under 100 pages, but it's hit a few award lists and the ratings were good and I had another opportunity to try this again.

I really should have trusted my gut.

This post apocalyptic/dystopian world has teens "rebooted" after they die, so they're effectively being groomed as robotic-style supersoldiers with healing powers and such. Different classes in society as a result, and on and on. Our heroine, Wren, finally rebels against the system as it stands, and thus we get rolling.

Why does this book not succeed? The pacing is all wrong, with a lot of almost-mindless action to start that just halts right when things should be ramping up toward a thrilling climax. Wren, for all she is, just isn't someone you can really root for, and that's unfortunately due to a character design rather than anything else, and there's a feeling that this is sort of trying to ape a Starship Troopers ideal without the glorification of military that just never seems to arrive.

A lot of people like this, so I might be off-base, but when there's already a lot of good stuff in this genre available, this book becomes easily skippable as a result. Definitely consider passing on this. Grab The Testing instead.

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