27 March 2015

Review: Alex + Ada, Volume 1

Alex + Ada, Volume 1
Alex + Ada, Volume 1 by Jonathan Luna

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, this just jumped way up on my "favorite comics list."

Alex is lonely, and the future world he lives in is full of androids. His grandmother, having gotten an android herself in her later years, decides to buy one for Alex. The android is about as creepy as you'd imagine, in part due to some reactionary laws following an earlier violent incident, and Alex isn't initially into it, until he learns about some of the workarounds.

Where this goes, I don't want to spoil. The real heart and soul of this is really what matters, and it toes the line between emotional and funny really well. In terms of basic, modern "robots and humans living together" tropes, however, I'm not sure I've read a better story about robot/human interliving overall, and it's one that lends itself well to the graphic novel format (which isn't always the case) as well.

I think the Lunas are quickly becoming some of my favorite comics writers. I rushed out and ordered the next volume (as well as a copy of this one for my own collection) almost immediately, and hope to get to it soon, it was that good.

Absolutely something anyone who loves comics should read. Really and truly great.

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