08 February 2015

Review: Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls
Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


So I didn't know who Bella Thorne was going into this, or if I did know, I had already forgotten. Thus, seeing a lot of the reviews already makes me wonder a bit about the baggage that might come with this book. For me and my inner teenage girl, I thought this story was pretty great.

The book is about Autumn Falls. A teen girl who moves to a new school after her father dies in a car wreck, she quickly makes some friends but also some enemies from one of the mean girls in her class. The wrinkle is a journal that Autumn's grandmother gives her - the journal appears to grant the writer the fulfillment of wishes written into its pages, and Autumn quickly learns about the power in play.

There's plenty to make this rise above the standard starlet teen YA trends. Autumn has a learning disability and it isn't played for laughs or even as a significant highlight, but rather a fact of life. The bullying is realistic in a way similar books and similar bullying descriptions have not been as of late. The story is short, but the result is a tight contemporary tale with fantasy aspects that are ultimately worth your time.

I'm excited to see what comes next. This was a pretty great read on a whole, and I'm definitely looking forward to where this could go in the future. Surprisingly well done.

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