18 April 2014

Review: Honor's Knight

Honor's Knight
Honor's Knight by Rachel Bach

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You may recall that I was underwhelmed by the first book in this series, Fortune's Pawn. Honor's Knight is much, much better even while somewhat magnifying the flaws of the first book.

Honor's Knight effectively takes place directly after the big reveal of the previous book. Devi has a much more significant problem on her hands, and the book is really just allowing the characters to play in the universe we have set up now. A lot of cool ideas, a lot of good reveals, and some truly awesome scenes go along with a story that feels a lot tighter and streamlined even if it leans more on some traditional tropes than previously.

There isn't the sort of agenda-driven stuff I felt was all over the place with the first book, and the episodic structure has calmed down somewhat (although there were still moments of clear "point a -> point b -> point c" throughout that were far too noticeable to ignore). The point of a lot of that in the first book, though, clearly was an attempt at establishing a setting so we can now focus on more of the plot this time. Had this story been one full book as opposed to three, perhaps my tolerance of a lot of the choices made might have been higher. More importantly, though, it's a compelling, fun ride in this one, and sets up what should be an excellent conclusion when the final book comes out.

Overall, I've gone from wavering a bit on this series to finding it worth recommending. I'm hoping, at this point, that the final book holds up the type of quality Honor's Knight does.

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