13 June 2013

Review: The Elite

The Elite
The Elite by Kiera Cass

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's always a good sign when you know you've got about 30 pages to go and things won't be resolved, and you'e super-frustrated that the next book isn't coming anytime soon.

I loved The Selection perhaps a bit too much. A fun Hunger Games-meets-Bachelor mashup, it was really fast paced with fun characters that twisted everything a bit. I purposely tried to read it close to the release of The Elite, which takes place nearly immediately following The Selection, and continues along with the same plot. It's the same love triangle, same contest, and the stakes get a lot higher very quickly.

It's really a perfectly-crafted series so far. There's a good amount of action, plenty of internal politics, and continues to act as a good worldbuilding exercise with just enough of a reveal from point to point to keep some things a mystery while getting other ideas in the open.

Is it as good as The Selection? Not exactly, but only because it's a middle book and it's rare for middle books to eclipse what comes before and after. All I know is that The One isn't due out for 11 more months and I don't really want to wait.

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