06 July 2012

Review: Severance Package

Severance Package
Severance Package by Duane Swierczynski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Probably closer to a 4.5 or so, but I'm willing to fudge things a bit for the sake of a great book.

Imagine getting called into work on a Saturday. Your boss brings you into a meeting room, there's cookies and champagne. And then he announces that he's there to kill you. It turns out your boss is part of an extra-governmental intelligence agency, and, well, the project is over and it's time for everyone to go now.

Thus begins a wild, bloody ride on an upper floor of an office building, where people are being killed, maimed, dismembered, where sarin gas bombs are attached to the doors to make sure no one gets out alive, etc. It's not exactly shocking as it is somewhat campy and definitely fun.

The book reads like an over-the-top movie screenplay in a lot of ways. It wastes no time, and it wastes even less prose. The book is perfect for what it's trying to be - a crazy, profane, ultraviolent romp. It's not trying to be much else of anything, and that works.

I purchased this book back when it came out and only got around to reading it now. I really wish I hadn't waited this long to do so. Highly recommended if you're interested in this sort of exploitation/b-movie romp.

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