04 June 2012

Review: Purity

Purity by Jackson Pearce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Closer to a 3.5.

The story is simple - a girl, who's mother died while she was young, made her make three promises, one of which involves listening to her father. Of course, the upcoming Princess Ball (read: Purity Ball) is coming up, and she's not sure she wants to take a vow of chastity this early in life, so she decides that the only way to stay true to her promise and not break the upcoming vow is to lose her virginity before the ball.


I mean, the book had its charming moments, and it's very much a comedy of errors in terms of getting from point A to point B, but there's a lot of paint-by-numbers aspects to this one that I didn't love. In terms of girly teenage sex comedies, this is one of the good ones, but it's nothing crazy special, either.

Bonus points, however, for not falling into general stereotypes about religiously-oriented people and the entire concept of purity dances/vows and the like. While the lead character is definitely skeptical of many things, there's an overall grace and acceptance to her points of view and activities that was refreshing in a book like this.

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