02 May 2012

Review: Forbidden Era

Forbidden Era
Forbidden Era by Amanda Mondoux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There's always the worry when it comes to independent publishing that you're losing out on quality, or that the editing is going to be poor, or any number of problems. With the glut of it with Kindles and Nooks and what have you, the barrier to entry is even lower.

Forbidden Era is not one of those books. The book takes place in a land where magic is banned, and our heroine, Myraza, is in the middle of a fairly complex battle between people and ideas. It's a straightforward plot that's complicated enough to keep you guessing.

The book is incredibly nuanced, with interesting characters and a slow burn as the story is unveiled. The characters are fun, the storyline itself an interesting take on fantasy ideas across the board. IT's a rock solid book with a fully-formed universe that knows where it's going. Something you don't get a lot of in many books period.

I definitely recommend this one. It's going to surprise you for a lot of reasons, but I'm really looking forward to whatever it is that comes next. I'm glad I got a chance to read this one, and I think you should take a shot at it as well.

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